My wife and I had burgers, onion rings, and french fries from you guys and they were so amazing and delicious.

Leonard B.

Kalamazoo, MI

WOW!! The best pulled pork i have ever had!! hands down! absolutely amazing food!

Elmer S.

Benton Harbor, MI

Restaurant quality at a fast food price. Damn good. I had their salmon sandwich with a Cajun remoulade. Very sophisticated flavors but also some homey classics as well. I recommend it to anyone.

Trevor M.

Really tasty food and priced fair for the portion size. Staff was friendly. I like the way you can customize your order without standing their like an idiot trying to read off an overhead menu. I'd eat here all the time if I lived in Kalamazoo.

Joseph T.

Just stopped here and got some food. We didn't know it was here until we were told about it. I am super disappointed someone didn't tell me earlier! The food is amazing!

Donald L.

THIS IS OUT OF A GAS STATION! So... If you have a problem with that, then move along. BUT, I MUST SAY, IT"S WORTH IT!!! I'm from out of state staying at an inn close by and we decided to get a quick lunch on the fly and we were pleasantly surprised! There is adequate seating along the front windows and several locals have already found this place as they came in and did "take out". I had the pulled pork and I'd say they brought their "A" game. Dad had the Salmon Sandwich and said it was the best he's had. Attendants are friendly... SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get something to eat!!!

Tim H.

The best Mac n Cheese ever! Who would think to put it in the smoker!?! Well these guys did and it's the BEST!!!!

Jobeth S.

Josh made me the best wrap ever. Great food, friendly people, killer prices.

Crystal R.